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We live in a world that is a mix of pure and the corrupt and laws are framed to protect the innocent. In order that a person successfully defends himself in a Court of Law, it is vital that that person is represented by someone that is well versed in the local laws, in other words, a lawyer. But your case is only as good as the lawyer or the law firm representing you and that makes it important that you employ someone that knows his or her law.

Law is no monolithic entity. There are specializations within the science of law, such as Family Law, Criminal Law, Business Law, Personal Injury Law, Property & Real Estate Laws, Estate Planning and so on. As per the situation, you should hire an attorney that is experienced in the applicable laws. Here is an earnest effort at putting together a list of important lawyers and law firms in the United States of America. We hope this directory helps you in your search for a competent lawyer.

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